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Hi folks, welcome to my site!

I'm Ely, and I'm a guitarist, striving to bring you great music of all kinds! I started playing guitar on my 15th birthday, borrowing an old acoustic from a good friend. He taught me my first chords, and due to massive knee surgery, I practiced for many hours on end while recuperating.

I mainly learned music by studying hundreds of songs with guitar tabs, eventually putting it all together with the help of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Van Halen, Joe Satriani, the Allman Brothers, and more! In the year 2008, I started my first youtube channel, and consistently uploaded dozens of guitar instrumental covers. It was something I found really fun to do, and totally loved the whole video thing! Due to the overwhelming positive response, I decided to start my new channel, ElyJaffeMusic, and take it to a professional level.

Ely Jaffe in his natural habitat.
I now make high quality covers featuring my "singing" guitar, and include guests on vocals, guitar, drums, keyboard, bass, and the triangle of course! Also on my channel is my original music, guitar tab videos, lessons, and more. So come on over!

Thanks to your support I will continue to provide music for you as much as I can, along with backing tracks and guitar tab videos. Tabs will also be available as downloadable files on my site here. You can follow me on the Facebook and the Twitter, and my music and backing tracks are available on iTunes... it means so much if you grab a track or an album :-) So stick around awhile and enjoy!

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